Introducing Model & Dancer Debasrita Mukherjee

A warm welcome to beauty with brains Debasrita Mukherjee who recently joined our platform as a model and dancer. This graceful stunner is a true inspiration.

‘ “A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and tramsform”- Diane Mariechild.
Yes, I am a woman. A proud mother of a nine-and half-year-old gymnast. A daughter of two beautiful souls who have taught me some great life lessons. That is why I have been able to overcome most of the challenges of my life. I am an imperfectly perfect better half to my beautiful half. To the world I may be just an ordinary person but to my family I’m their world.

I believe life is too short to be good at one thing hence I am a Human resource Professional, a trained classical odissi and belly dancer, I am a passionate bathroom singer and often like singing on smule, an aspiring body positive influencer and model. I love listening to music, going for drives, reading, watching good movies and most importantly spending quality time with my family.

Like many I had my insecurities and negativities. I was overweight and had skin conditions that would make me feel self-conscious. Over time I have learnt to overcome them and feel confident in my own skin. I have learnt that loving oneself is the greatest revolution. I believed that I don’t have to be perfect to inspire others, let people get inspired by how I deal with my imperfections. Hence, I participated in some pageants last year to break the stereotype about how people perceive beauty. For me winning wasn’t important but the participation was. Here I am a runner up of Mrs India Australia 2020. I am also a proud title winner “Mrs Glamorous Queen” organised by Mrs India Universe Quarantine Queen 2020.

Even though an ambivert, I thrive on challenges. My life has a purpose and I want to create an impact on people’s lives. If I can make a difference to even one individual’s life, that to me is success in truest sense of the term.

My motto in life is to be myself rather than being someone else to please the critics.’ – Debasrita.

Introducing Model & Zumba Instructor Anu Kulkarni

A warm welcome to beauty with brains Anu Kulkarni, who recently joined our platform as a Model and Zumba Instructor. This gorgeous passionate lady has the strength and willpower to achieve whatever she dreams of.

“1. From being a fulltime homemaker, to being a successful banker, I have had my fair share of learning new skills and overcoming hurdles in trying to make my place in the corporate world. I achieved success but with that I had to put aside some of my aspirations, namely modelling, dancing and exercising.

  1. During my journey I had to overcome a number of situations that drove me to the brink of mental and physical exhaustion. I gained weight, was moody, socially disconnected. It took a lot of family support, determination and strong willpower to come out of that as a winner.
  2. I had gained 30 kgs. One year ago, I embarked on my transformation journey that started with a weight loss program, becoming a certified Zumba instructor and following my passion to remain fit and be expressive and a role model to all those women who would like to make their presence felt.
  3. My aim is to inspire people through Zumba and make a difference in the lives of anyone I interact with, through my positive attitude and the willpower to realise my self-worth.” – Anu.

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